9 Interesting Facts About Heating and Cooling

There’s a lot that people are unaware of about heating and cooling. Below, are 9 of the most interesting facts about heating and cooling that you can brush up on. You’d be surprised what you might learn!

1. The Romans were the first people to use a heating system, called a hypocaust. It worked by sending furnace heat through the floors and walls of homes for people could afford it. Unfortunately, this modern technology was only available for wealthy Romans or those in the upper class.

2. Before air conditioners were created, people stayed cool in warmer weather thanks to patios and raised ceilings in their homes. Due to the more substantial airflow, it helped keep people’s homes cool and drafty. Fortunately, nowadays, all we have to do is flip a switch to get a rush of cold air circulating our homes.

3. Before the invention of the air conditioning system, people had to keep their food cold either in packs of snow or ice. Although this was an easy cooling system to use in the winter, it was trickier in the summer, when individuals had to spend a fortune on ice blocks to keep their food from spoiling.

4. Although it may be hard to think of a time you didn’t have air conditioning, the first president to enjoy a cooling system in the Oval Office was President Herbert Hoover. Also, President Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to add necessary air conditioning to the White House bedrooms. Just imagine going to bed in the summer without a cold draft preventing summer sweats!

5. The person to come up with the idea of an air conditioning unit was Willis Carrier, who worked for a publishing company. He thought up the idea when the heat in his office caused ink to run and paper to wrinkle. Now you have someone to thank the next time you stroll into the office with a cold breeze keeping you cool during your work shift.

6. Depending on the type of heating system you have and how well you maintain your furnace, the appliance can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years! At least it’s one system in your home that you won’t have to worry about updating frequently, just make sure you get necessary regular maintenance from Beam Heating and Cooling.

7. One of the first buildings to install an air conditioning system was the New York Stock Exchange, all the way back in 1903. Imagine what a difference that made!

8. Due to the heat and lack of air-cooling systems in schools, kids received a summer vacation. However, even when air conditioners gained popularity, schools kept the tradition. In fact, even some businesses also closed down for two months due to the lack of cool air to keep their workers comfortable.

9. Air conditioning systems actually allow the medications you consume to be studied, tested, and fully developed. This is because researchers use cool and humid-less air in their labs to better analyze how medicine works and affect the human body. Hopefully, now you’ll appreciate air conditioning a little more when you take an Advil for your headache.

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